Introducing, Quorum's Portfolio First Lien HELOC

Our Portfolio First Lien HELOC is designed to increase your clients’ borrowing capacity with minimal complexity. They’ll enjoy up to 90% Max LTV, with up to $750K maximum loan amount, no cash-out restrictions, and no PMIs. Plus, our customized loan requirements allow for Bank Statement and Asset Depletion incomes, and max DTI 45%. Download and customize the product sheet below to give your clients a quick overview of this new offering.

Borrowing Power & Flexibility

90% Max LTV

Min. Loan Amount $50K

Max. Loan Amount $750K


No Cash-Out Restrictions

No Prepayment Penalty

Customized Underwriting

Bank Statement Income

Asset Depletion Income

Less Restrictive Credit Requirements

Max DTI 45% (Font/Backend)

Common Sense Underwriting

Quick Property Valuation

AVMs Allowed Up to $350K

Helping reduce appraisal costs and time involved in securing a loan.

Easy Application-to-Close Process

Quick turn times, seamless online application, and high-touch, personalized service from application to close.

Ready to Transform Your Offerings with Quorum’s Portfolio First Lien HELOC?

Banking That's Good. For You.™

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