In these unprecedented times, we’re here to help.

Due to recent market conditions we are experiencing an influx of mortgage applications. We know that you and your mortgage clients are eager to clear underwriting and receive approvals. Rest assured, we’ve added resources and are working around the clock to meet your needs.

Important updates on loan turn times and new partner referrals.

Turn Time Expectations

We value our partnership.

Due to the influx in volume, our turn times continue to change. We are pleased to announce a reduction in turn times for all new applications received after 8/10/2020. We will continue to process all existing applications as quickly as possible.

Please note, these are approximate turn-times and are subject to change at any time. If you are looking to close in less than 45 days for a simultaneous transaction or 60 days for a standalone, please be aware that we will not be able to accommodate any rush requests at this time.

Please make sure that rate locks, mortgage contingencies and/or closing dates are extended to adhere to our turn times. We are working hard and continuing to staff up the department and hope to be back to “normal” turn times soon. 

We do appreciate your patience and your business.

Please see below timeline for all transactions:

• 45 days to close- Simultaneous Transactions once we have a complete submission (start to finish)

• 60 days to close- Standalone Transactions once we have a complete submission (start to finish) 

New Partner Referrals

Interested in doing business with Quorum?

We are very interested in doing business with you. Please fill out the fields below and we will reach out to you shortly.

Exclusive Advantages

Clear financial hurdles with a Quorum HELOC.

Benefit from additional financing options that can help clients avoid PMI, jumbo financing, cash shortfalls and down-payment deficits. Even with a 5% down payment, a Quorum HELOC offers more.

 Up to 95% CLTV
Financing up to $500,000
680 credit score
Realistic credit requirements

Quick Insight

Easy 24-hour

Fast Resolution

Accelerated closings.

More Availability

Get answers 24/7,
365 days/year.

More Experience

Over a decade
of success.

Working with Quorum is simple, fast and easy.

Account Executives are empowered to get your loan approved.

  • No broker agreement
  • No sign-up fee
  • No cross/upsell
  • Common-sense underwriting
  • Available in 49 states
  • Loans for purchase, refi and stand-alone HELOC

We help you make every mortgage work.

Not every mortgage customer is a cookie-cutter client. They may need a higher CLTV. They may need an immediate answer. A Quorum HELOC helps you close more deals—faster—without ridiculous amounts of paperwork.

Interest Only HELOC

Rate Matrix and Program Guidelines 

Investment Property HELOC

Rate Matrix and Program Guidelines

Bridge Loan HELOC

Rate Matrix and Program Guidelines

Five ways you can help borrowers qualify for more. Learn more.

A painless process makes you more money in less time.

  • Save approval time with quick pre-screening—get a fast “go/no-go” answer.

  • Your pre-screening data feeds into full app with full client approval in just three days.

  • We handle all borrower disclosures.

See how the deals got done.

Join thousands of Loan Officers who have trusted Quorum to provide their clients with second mortgage financing.

From start to finish they got me the loan in less than 2 weeks. My client was ecstatic and so were all the realtors involved. Thank you, thank you.

Pete M

This place is very reasonable in their underwriting and a joy to work with.

Christopher G

Our Rep responds to our many questions in minutes, not hours. I strongly encourage you to use Quorum. Your customers will thank you. 

Jason M


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