Qualification Sheet

For mortgage professional use only. Terms subject to change. Minimum credit score, Max CLTV and DTI may vary. Please refer to the product guidelines and your Quorum Account Executive for more information

Prime Margin Margin Adjustment Rate
Residence Type Property Type Type of Submission

Credit Score Summary:

Borrower Middle Score Co-Borrower Middle Score Lower Middle Score for UW
Borrower’s Monthly Income Co-Borrower’s Monthly Income Total Monthly Income

LTV Summary:

Purchase Price/Appraised Value Current 1st Mtg balance Requested HELOC Line Amount (Max line amount $250K)
1st mtg LTV 2nd mtg LTV CLTV (Max CLTV 90%)

Debt Ratio Summary:

1st Mtg Payment (P & I) Total Other Payments (Revolving/Installment) Front End DTI (Housing)
Hazard Insurance Total Monthly Payments Back End DTI (Total)
Property/RE Taxes Qual Payment (Prime + Margin; 20 YR Amort)
Frontend DTI exceeds guidelines
HOA Dues Interest Only Payment
Backend DTI exceeds guidelines
Total Housing